If relaxed long distance rides are not enough when you are adventure cycling, and you are looking for terrains that are challenging and exciting, then the Way of the Roses cycle route is perfect for you. The ride is not just a visual treat; it also provides the adrenalin rush for the adventurists. 

Way of the Roses is touted to be one of the best routes for the avid cyclists. It is 171 miles of spectacular coast to coast ride, through both the red rose county of Lancashire and the white rose county of Yorkshire.  Beginning in Morecambe in the North West coast of UK to Brilington in the East, the long distance ride is a treat for the nature lover. The spectacular route is challenging too and includes everything from traffic free paths and on road cycle lanes to cinder track, tarmac, earth and stone.

Be ready to be breathless both physically as well as mentally. Breathless physically, as the route will throw up quite a few challenges that will be a bit difficult- you can’t complain, this is what adventure cycling is all about. And breathless mentally- as the spectacular and breathtaking views you will encounter are bound to leave you short of breath.

Buddy, your bike better be prepared for the jerks and impacts that it could face on the steep hills in this ride, which are quite a few. East of Dunnington for around half a mile you will bump into an unmade earth and stone track with firm ground. But this could take its toll on you as well as your bike. Particularly the decent from the Greenhow Hill into the Pateley bridge. It is a tricky descent with a gradient of 16%, with uneven surfaces and sharp bends.

Which reminds- getting your bike protected with a Bike Blanket is of paramount importance. Bike protection is imperative not just while you are adventure cycling but even when the bikes are being transported by cars or by public transport. Though bike bags and bike boxes too, offer efficient bike protection but they can be very inconvenient to carry for long distance rides.  The Bike Blanket is a far better and a more effective option.

Well, if you are fit and your cycle is all geared, get ready to take this route heads on and with the true spirit of needed for adventure cycling.